Barndominum Floor Plans Incomplete Without a Signal Booster

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Barndominum Floor Plans Incomplete Without a Signal Booster

Living in Texas is an experience all of its own. The size of the state allows people to choose the kind of lifestyle they want to live. Some prefer living in downtown Dallas, other enjoy the outskirts of the metroplex escaping the constraints of big city traffic.

Yet, there are others, who enjoy a different kind of lifestyle. Texas or the “Lone Star State” is often known as the rancher’s paradise. It is not hard to see why either. The plains of Texas have been part of this traditional lifestyle for many generations past and countless future generations as well.

On these lands are sometimes abandoned barns or outbuildings that have succumbed to the elements of grueling weather and time.

But, it seems that the ingenuity of Texans knows no bounds. A recent real estate fad has found a way to repurpose these forgotten buildings into places of living and recreation. This doesn’t mean all “Barndominiums” come from old, rundown outbuildings. In fact, a lot of Texas-based companies specialize in assembling “Barndos” from scratch using new innovative designs and modern construction materials.

The pros of creating your own luxury, dream home are plain as day in one word, customization. You can have every amenity that you could ever dream of installed into your Barndo.  Some even use them as a home and office. While, others utilize them as a recreation area for a family get together.

Also, another pro is most “Barndos” are isolated or on land you own. Which means, you do not have to worry about neighbors when the whole family comes over for a visit.

So, let me sum up the good parts:

  • It’s your land, you do what you want with it.
  • Take a break from that city grind, and drink up those Texas days and nights with you and yours.
  • Build it however you want.
  • Barndominiums are a growing trend. If, you’re not using it, then rent it out for others and let that investment pay for itself.

Now, for the ONE con, and don’t worry about a thing. I’m here to let you know that I’ve got a fix already in mind to remedy those problems (this includes you too fellow Barndo owners).

The #1 Drawback of Living in a Barndominum

“What could it be?” You might be wondering. You would think living on your own land in the home you built would be something close to perfect. And you are right. It’s pretty close, but those “modern construction materials” I mentioned earlier refer to the sheet metal used for the walls and roofing of your barndominium.

“So, what!” You probably exclaimed. I know, I did.

If, you still haven’t figured out why this is the one drawback don’t worry I’m here to explain. If you haven’t heard of a “Faraday Cage,” it is essentially a contraption, which is designed to block radio signals. Kind of like, the ones your cell phones use to transmit information back and forth to one another.

Also, add in the isolated nature of your current or future barndominium coupled with the sheet metal, insulation and other building materials. The cell reception is close to non-existent. Not to worry though, this is a common complaint from owners of barndos.

Because at HiBoost, a Texas based company, we have the solution.

What HiBoost has to offer.

To start, if you have not heard of HiBoost, we are a Texas-based manufacturer focusing on providing the highest quality of signal boosters for consumers.

We have several products, which can remedy various scenarios. I just want to take some time to introduce a few of our flagship products, such as:

The Home 4K

  • For homeowners with excellent cell reception outdoors (full bars), but struggle lose signals indoors.

The Home 10K & 15K

  • More suitable for those struggling with poor, signal conditions.

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