Cell Phone Signal Booster Installation in San Antonio

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Cell Phone Signal Booster Installation in San Antonio




Cell phone signal boosters and amplifiers are wonderful pieces of technology that make life in the city much more livable. Too often the urban sprawl blocks out cell reception and creates dead zones where you should be getting great signal. Or you are getting great signal outdoors but when you step into a building it entirely cuts out. Also, there are potential issues when cell towers of similar strength interrupt each other ruining your signal. These problems are all easily fixed with a signal booster or amplifier. Whether you are trying to patch up signal for a home, business, or a public building consider using a signal booster or amplifier to keep you connected.


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The City of San Antonio

San Antonio is the seventh most populous city in the United States and second most populous city in Texas. It was founded in 1718  as a Spanish Mission named after Saint Anthony. It has since grown as the hub that connects Central and South Texas.

San Antonio grew to be so large not only because of its location but because of the large military presence in the city. It is sometimes called Military City, USA. Within the city are Fort Sam Houston, Camp Bullis, and Kelly Field among others. The economy is also driven by a large number of military families and the support system that they and the military need. The city is also a center for the oil and gas industry in the area.

Of course one of the most important features of San Antonio is the Alamo. An old mission that was turned into a fort during the Texas Revolution. During the battle of the Alamo, the revolutionaries held the fort for thirteen days while outnumbered about 300 to 1,500. Remember “The Alamo” later became a rallying cry for the rest of the revolution.

Today the urban sprawl that makes up the city of San Antonio can make it difficult to get good cell reception throughout the city. If you are struggling with dead zones or weak signal a cell phone signal booster or amplifier could be right for you.