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The FCC has many rules and regulations over the use of residential, commercial, and industrial signal boosters. They are not very complex, on this page we have collected a few of the most important questions about their regulations. If you don’t find what you’re looking for we have a link to their page at the bottom as well.

Is it legal to boost my signal?

Yes, there are some regulations about commercial versus residential boosters, however any vendor will happily walk you through the process of determining what booster is appropriate for you.

What does the 2013 ruling mean?

While the FCC adopted new regulations to prevent private signal boosters from affecting cellular networks maintained by telecommunication companies they also made a commitment to expanding to the under or hard to serve regions that relied more heavily on signal boosters. If your booster interferes with a carriers network they will send you a legally binding cease and desist letter. As this is now 2017 if you have a problematic booster you have probably heard about it, and few companies still sell boosters that would impact a network in an adverse way.

How do I register my signal booster?

In order to register your booster you’ll need a few pieces of information.

  1. the name of the Consumer Signal Booster owner and/or operator, if different individuals;
  2. the make, model, and serial number of the device;
  3. the location of the device; and
  4. the date of initial operation.

Simply forward this information to your carrier using the links provided below.

Do I need to register my signal booster?

Simply put, yes. Every booster must receive preapproval and be registered with your wireless carrier. Here are some links to the pages where you can register with your carrier :





U.S. Cellular

Additional Information

For more information about the FCC and specifically their rules and regulations on signal boosters you can visit their site here.