Is There an App for That?

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Is There an App for That?

If you go on any app store right now you can find hundreds of apps that promise to boost your signal. But if it’s as easy as that why isn’t everyone using them and more importantly why has no one told you about this magic app? Let me just tell you right now that this isn’t the post telling you that there is one.


Some of the top apps on the app store.


What’s Out There

There are plenty of “signal boosting” apps out there and many of them work to some degree, just not at boosting signal. Most of these apps would be much more honest if they would market themselves as performance enhancing apps because while they can improve performance they don’t improve signal strength. You can typically break these kinds of apps into two categories;

1. Speed-Up Apps – These apps speed your phone up by managing the processes running on your phone. This could mean that they are closing things in the background you are running or even stopping some background apps from starting up. This translates to efficiency with your phones RAM and processing power and could even extend your battery life.

2. Clean-Up Apps – These apps work by scanning through your files and caches and deleting old or junk files. You would be surprised how much a quick tune up like this can improve performance.


Know What You’re Putting on Your Device

While these apps can be useful don’t be tricked into thinking they’re improving your signal. The only way for your signal to improve is to increase the amount of signal received by your device. Either by increasing the output of your carriers tower or by increasing the gain to your device. While apps can’t affect that gain things such as antennas, repeaters, and amplifiers can have very large impacts. So at the end of the day if you truly need a boosted signal, sorry there’s not an app for that.

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