Signal Booster Vendors

Cell Phone Signal Booster Installation Tips & Guides

WeBoost, the largest manufacturer of boosters in the U.S. , has a booster kit to fit most any residential and small office application.

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Surecall makes some of the highest quality boosters in the industry. They make boosters for cars, homes, offices, and industrial spaces like hospitals and warehouses.

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HiBoost makes a dependable, easy to use and install booster. They manufacture boosters for cars, homes, offices, and industrial buildings as well.

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Specialized Vendors

These vendors specialize in cell phone accessories, specifically signal boosters. Though they do not have as many reviews on their site as the big box sites they offer competitive pricing and shipping options. Many of these sites also offer helpful resources for selecting boosters and for the installation and troubleshooting. Some such as NewEgg have a large online following that provides reviews and other services however much of that is with their computer, laptop, tablet, and cell phone products and not as much with the accessories such as signal boosters. is a Houston, Texas based company that specializes in selling Wi-Fi and cellular signal boosters. is a distributor with its roots in design and manufacturing. They specialize in cell phone signal boosters.

Big Box Vendors

These are the vendors that most people are already familiar with. They sell a wide variety of products and signal boosters just happen to be one of those many things. Pricing and shipping options are typically similar if not better than their specialized counterparts and some manufacturers offer discounts through some. They also typically have significantly more customer reviews helping you to make a more informed choice. Perhaps the biggest benefit to choosing a big box vendor is the reliability of the service you receive, as they typically have a much larger infrastructure and customer support network.

WalMart is one of the largest retailers and they offer a range of cell phone signal boosters through their online store.

Amazon is the largest online retailer in North America and offers a wide variety of products. They have a large selection of cell phone signal boosters to choose from.

Alibaba is a global wholesaler and online retailer. Most of their business is concentrated outside of North America.