Wi-Fi Calling, An Alternative To Poor Signal

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Wi-Fi Calling, An Alternative To Poor Signal


The Wi-Fi signal over a hand held phone. The new symbol for Wi-Fi calling.

Wi-Fi calling is an innovation that allows for users to text or make phone calls using their Wi-Fi signal instead of their cell signal. If you have poor cell reception but strong Wi-Fi signal this is a possible solution for you.

Wi-Fi Calling, The Technological Breakthrough

Wi-Fi calling is not a new or novel idea, while the technology to use this on your phones has been around since the mid-2000 ‘s people using the Internet to make calls has existed for much longer. Many of us are aware of software such as Skype or Cisco and they have been allowing people to talk over the Internet for much longer using VoIP, Voice Over Internet Protocol. For quite some time Skype was the gold standard and allowed many people to connect with friends, families, and coworkers. However, VoIP really exploded after the Apple innovation of FaceTime. While Skype had been providing a similar service FaceTime provided much higher quality audio and video and revolutionized how people used VoIP.

Is Wi-Fi Calling A Good Alternative?

Now that Wi-Fi calling has become a mainstream form of communication we have seen the adoption of it almost everywhere. All major carriers now support it each to varying degrees and it has become a useful tool that most can use. Coupled with the abundance of public hotspots at coffee shops, malls, and other public locations this has allowed networks to become much more comprehensive.  However, there are some drawbacks to this technology. FaceTime requires both devices to be iPhones, making calls still comes out of your regular minute allowance, the quality of the calls decreases in heavy use scenarios such as public hotspots, and perhaps most importantly connecting to public Wi-Fi exposes you to potential privacy breaches.

Wi-Fi calling has made leaps and bounds in the recent years to become a technology that has made life easier for those that get poor cell reception. It still has some drawbacks though and is not always a reliable replacement for having a strong cell signal. We of course always recommend a signal booster or amplifier to make sure your phone works as intended.

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