Month: February 2018

Cell Phone Signal Booster Installation Tips & Guides

Roaming on the Moon: Nokia and Vodafone Launching 4G Into Space

Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri spoke this past Sunday about an “out of this world deal” with Vodafone at the Mobile World Congress. It wasn’t until the unveiling of the “Mission to the Moon” project that it was revealed Vodafone is partnering with Audi and now Nokia to bring 4G coverage to the moon.   The…
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5G: The Future is Closer Than You Think

As 2017 was wrapping up the major players in the telecommunications industry were finalizing their plans for the first 5G standard. This is exciting for everyone, the expanded capabilities will allow for boundless growth in technology. 5G will allow for faster communication not only between our mobile devices but all machinery. This will allow scientists…
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Project Fi: How Google is Disrupting the Mobile Market

Project Fi: Google’s Mobile Phone Service Revolutionized Project Fi is Google’s new(ish) project designed to shake up the telecom market. While this is the first time Google has attempted to break into the cellular service industry they currently compete in phone manufacturing and fiber internet. This new idea combines three carriers; Sprint, T-Mobile, and US-Cellular,…
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Hotspots: How to Use Your Phone to Make Wi-Fi

How Hotspots Work Hotspots are a unique innovation that creates Wi-Fi signal from your cell phone. Both technologies rely on radio waves so it’s a matter of simply changing them slightly to make them usable for Wi-Fi. These are a ton of reasons why this can be helpful, it allows you to connect to the internet…
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