One of the first things that people consider when they open up their cell phone signal booster kit is, can I install this myself? Well, this depends on a few things and hopefully, we can clear up whether you think you can make this project a DIY one or if you should get a professional installer.


Professional signal booster installation.



What Kind of Booster Are You Installing?

There are four kinds of signal booster kits that most manufacturers sell. Of these four two typically require a professional installer.

Commercial boosters are the first of these two and it should be noted that it is not required to have a professional installer. However, there are many situations when you will need to get an installer for a commercial booster. First is when roof access is either difficult to get to or dangerous for a non-professional to be on top of. Secondly, many commercial signal booster users are business owners that are attempting to improve their ability to do business. They typically expect maximum effectiveness from their booster and this is best done by an installation professional.

The other kind of booster that will definitely require an installation service is the industrial booster. These provide such a high signal gain that they can actually disrupt major cellular carriers networks. For this reason, you will need a professional to properly attenuate your booster.

Residential and vehicle boosters are essentially the same to install however they typically are much more scaled down. This goes hand in hand with most manufacturers that try and market these booster kits as easy to install, DIY solutions.


Other Reasons to Look For Professional Installation

There are of course other reasons to get a professional installation. One of these is simply time. Time is one of the most valuable of anyone’s resources and we understand that everyone wants to save it. If you look for a professional installer it will almost certainly save you time. Another common reason for many that seek out professional installation is that the professional simply does a better job. Not only do they install the boosters quicker but they are able to clean up the wiring and make the installation look better at the end. They also are able to more accurately pinpoint the installation of antennas and your booster meaning you’ll be getting the most bang for your buck.

If all of this makes you feel as though you need professional installation for your cell phone signal booster let us know and we’d be happy to put you in touch with a member of our nationwide network of installation professionals.

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