Cell phone signal is becoming less of a luxury and more of a necessity every day and while networks are becoming more comprehensive there are always pesky “dead” zones that you can’t seem to get signal in. Or you sometimes head out to a rural area outside of your carriers range. If you’re on this site than you’re probably interested in signal boosters to fix this.

What Signal Boosters Can Do About It

Now with powerful boosters even large, dense, and highly populated buildings one can get adequate or even exceptional signal where previously you struggled to get a single bar. Even taking a cross-country road trip no longer has to disconnect you from your network as powerful and small boosters that you can take with you in your vehicle have become readily available. There’s no reason to wait for your carrier to expand anymore as now you can just boost their signal to you.


A kit that includes all components of a cellphone signal booster. The outdoor antenna, indoor antenna, the amplifier, and a length of coaxial cable.

However as with most new technology it can at times be difficult for the average consumer to install these themselves. And while some brands offer home installation sometimes either because of convenience or cost that simply is not an option. Have no fear though, following our helpful guides we can set up your booster with most of the hair still on your head. And if you are still having trouble with any step of the process we will happily help connect you to a professional installer.


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